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Welcome and thank you for visiting TnP Radio station, Formally known as Cheers Radio and Cheers Super Station. 

This station has gone more then 20 + years and still airing great music. When a DJ is live, Request are Taken. This Station Plays just about Anything you want to hear, We try not to get mixed up with Politics, but as the old saying goes, sometimes shit happens. We respect your Opinion as long as you respect those in the chat room on this page. We do not have sponsors to help with cost  of our station, that is why we do not have commercial breaks on the air. Not that we can't find any, ok maybe because we can't find any. LOL.. Hope you Enjoy your visit, and please share the page with your friends, lets get more listeners here. 

                                                                         Thank You :) 

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Each player below are all TnP Radio just different music and style for everyone. we will be adding more players with more music as well..... Hope you can enjoy :)  please make sure you share as much as you can and get listeners to tune in.


If You can not hear the players or see the chat on the pages while on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the page on your phone and click classic mode and it should fix the problem :) 


 if you like the station, please help out by donating to help keep the Domain name....The Cost is $25 a month. Just click on the make a donation button below.  Thank You

 TnP Radio is brought to you by Zeno Media. Want to make your own radio station for you and your friends? want to start a Pod Cast? Then visit Zeno Media. Its Free.. Zeno Media Click Here

                                                                                      If there is a problem with any player, Please email the station at tnpradio@gmail.com   



A Zeno Media Station

A Zeno Media Station