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Sellers to watch out for on ebay

This page is about bad sellers on Ebay that you should avoid. if you want to add to this list just email tnpradio@gmail.com with a short story about the seller and why they should be on the black list.

EBAY Seller Name

moneysaving4you.....  This seller sold me an item on Aug 31/2018 Told me it would be here by the 11th of Sept.  Did not ship the item Sept 6th a week later after ordering it. here it is the 11th and still no package, said it was delayed by 2 days and would be here on the 13th, now its showing it will not be delievered until the 16th which i will not be getting it until the 18th as the post office will not get it until evening time of the 16th meaning i wont get it til monday the 18th. Alot of excuses from the seller, gave me a $16 refund if i gave him a 5 star positive feed back, guess what, Not Happening.  he has bad feedback already cause of his Bullshit, and ebay have been sent a report about this seller. AVOID at all cost. you will get crap, and lies from them. 


SayThings.... This one does not send your item then makes you wait 20 to 30 days before getting it. I have ordered stuff from China many times and only took 2 weeks to get to me. this guy is a con artist!

jgs889..... This person puts or best offer on his items, then when you put a reasonable offer on it, he sends you an email with a rude attitude telling you  he will not except any offers, and thay he will only lower the price by 40 cents. very rude person. stay clear of this one.....

mygoodgoody..... Seller sells crap and expects you to pay for the return of the item instead of fixing the issue. 

himan-zhang-2012........   Seller post something for a price, has it set at or best offer, you make an offer of say 40 cents lower then the price they posted, then sends you a counter offer of $5 more then what they were asking for the item. this guy is a rip offer, stay away from him.